In the Kawasaki Merk Club Nederlands blog, we have a small writing team which often publishes different articles regarding our loved brand. Although they’re really good at what they do, they have regular day jobs to attend too.

We want our members, and even readers from outside of the group, to be able to share different opinions and points of view, and we’re now inviting everyone from those groups to start sending pieces of content to add to our archive or just to publish as articles or blog posts.

It could be almost anything related to the Kawasaki brand, including legal documents, advertising pieces, old stuff, merchandise, and even old bike photos. Anyone who haves really good writing skills should start sending those articles soon in order for them to be published in the blog.

We want our people to start expressing themselves, and we want to milk the best content possible out of them in order to share it with everyone within the community. We want people who want to discuss things about Kawasaki and its product.

This could be problematic for some bike lovers, who love other brands more than Kawasaki, but we’re open to every submission you send this way. Don’t be hard on our beloved brand and we will always publish your pieces.