The Best 7 ATVs to Purchase in 2018

Currently there are many ATV models in the market, so we can be confused deciding which one to buy, in case of wanting to enter that extreme sport. We present you, the ultimate list to know the best brands to buy an ATV from in 2018.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4×4

This machine is a total beast. It’s priced at $ 9,000. It’s an agile, powerful model with good assisted steering. It’s highly recommended for professionals, due to its strength.

Polaris Sportsman

It’s a really strong model, comfortable, and has great quality. It has one of the best engines, with incredible power. The brakes and suspensions are something amazing, and the best thing is the price, which is one of the most accessible in the market. Totally worth it.

Yamaha Kodiak 450:

It’s one of the newest models from Yamaha and it is cheaper, valued at almost $ 6,000. It has a good engine, with a lot of power, very agile, and wide.

Goes 720 Max

It’s an ATV recommended for any sport man, for the quality. It’s one of the most economical you can find in the market. In addition, it has a quality engine, with great strength, and its steering angle is very good.

Yamaha Grizzly 700

Yamaha is one of the most preferred brands in the world of ATV, but honestly, this model exceeds any expectations. Definitely, of the best that Yamaha has taken out off the power of the engine. Besides, the quality of its brakes and its agility makes it attractive for any athlete. With a price of almost $10,000.

Can-Am Outlander X MR 570

It’s one of the most used models in the sport. Its basic but strong model is attractive to any connoisseur of the ATV; it has a price of almost $ 9,000. Good direction and front differential. Recommendable.

Artic Cat 1000 Thundercat

One of the best models you can get in the world of ATV. It’s a very raw machine, but it’s really strong. It features an incredible engine, a spectacular front differential lock, and excellent quality brakes. It really is one of the most used and best models that currently exist in this sport.

Any of these models would be an excellent choice; they are the best of the ATV. But, if you are not a professional or have a previous practice in this sport, the risk lies in being an extreme sport. Therefore, we ask for sufficient professionalism and responsibility of each person who wants to enter into it.