10 Interesting Facts about Motorcycles Most People Don’t Even Know About

Motorcycles are without a doubt, a diversion for many people or a fear for others. They are used by a lot of people worldwide, people with passion when driving a motorcycle, and love to see it. But sometimes we do not know historical facts about the birth of motorcycles. Here are some curiosities about this world that you probably did not know:

First Motorcycle

It was created in 1867 when Sylvester Howard Roper made a steam engine that worked with carbon. And in 1885 the first motorcycle with a combustion engine, designed in Germany, was created by Wilhelm Maybach y Gottlieb Daimler.

The Start of a Sport

The first motocross race was in 1930 where it was committed with bicycles, due to the rustic roads used to it. Then they were replaced by motorcycles when they were created. This is a sport that has always been classified as extreme by its great speed.

Little Trick

To know how well is the tension of the wheels of the motorcycles; you can give one soft hit with a screwdriver or something that is made of iron to know how good or bad it is. If the sound is serious, it is tense. A trick commonly used in this sport.

Yamaha Revolutionized in 1974

During 1974, it’s said that Yamaha created a great revolution by creating the first motorcycle with a single shock absorber. From there, the monoshock suspension was born, which, although all the improvements made thanks to new technologies and discoveries, is still being used.

Attendance Record

The largest parade carried out by the motorcyclists along with their machines was done in 2002 with the participation of more than 2 000 people commanded by Harley Davidson.

Another Record

I know it sounds crazy, but there really is a longest motorcycle in the world, which was built by Bharat Sinh in India where he created the longest bike in the world with more than 26 meters (26.29m). Why do you need it to be that long?

Patenting the Sound of a Motorcycle?

The Harley Davidson brand tried to patent the sound made by motorcycles, which was obviously rejected because any motorcycle produces the same sound.

Motorcycles in the Air?

During World War II, different states of Europe and America had to manufacture flexible motorcycles that could be bent and launched in parachutes during the attacks that took place in the atrocious historical moment they lived.

First Motocross Federation

The international motorcycling federation was created in 1952 in the United Kingdom, federation that took charge of the sport and began to do competitions at international level and came to have high recognition.

The Most Expensive Motorcycle

Is currently valued at $3 000000 and it’s a special Harley Davidson which was designed by artist Jack Armstrong.

For lots of people, sitting on their motorcycle can release any stress they may have. Possibly it’s a pleasure for them to be able to use it. We know many people who own motorcycles, but sometimes we don’t even know the history behind that design. We hope these facts served as general knowledge to keep I mind for any trivia night you might have soon.