9 Interesting Facts about Motorcycles Most People Don’t Even Know About – Part 2

There are many myths, but at the same time many truths, about the history of motorcycles. Some theories say that Sylvester H. Roper was the first to create them; others agree that Louis-Guillaume Perreaux and Pierre Michaux were the true creators, and many theories which don’t make any sense are also around. Here are some curiosities you did not know about motorcycles.

Suzuki GSX-R 750

This model created in 1985 by the Suzuki brand was the first sports bike (used in Motocross), for its speed and great contribution in motocross competitions, thus achieving the 1st place.

Kawasaki Makes History

The Kawasaki brand made history in the world of motorcycles by creating the first motorcycle with electronic injection in 1980, this was the Kawasaki KZ1000 Classic model. It was a total invention for that time, considering the few technological advances that existed.

Yamaha’s History

This brand first started manufacturing pianos under the name of “Yamaha Corporation” in 1887, which was then divided between that company that is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of products and services, especially, musical instruments and electronic devices and “Yamaha Motor Company” which is responsible for the manufacture of motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, among other items.

First Hydrogen Motorcycle

Suzuki is working on the sale of hydrogen motorcycles that will soon be on the market, which will not emit gases in order to collaborate with the awareness of environmental pollution, and lower the environmental impact.

Kawasaki and Its Participation during World War II

Kawasaki designed a plane called Kawasaki Ki-61 that was used by the Japanese Imperial Army Air Force during World War II, as a fighter plane (designed primarily for air warfare with other aircraft, as opposed to bombers, which are designed mainly to attack terrestrial targets by throwing bombs).

Harley Davidson Electric

In a few years, the first motorcycle of the Harley Davidson brand will be operating electrically, so say goodbye to the characteristic sound of your engine.

Moto Scooter

The first Vespa motorcycle model was created in 1945 in imitation of folding scooters that were used in World War II to be launched in parachute to the Italian allies.

Although it may seem strange now, the Vespa was a motorcycle that at the time broke several speed records. In 1951 a Vespa Siluro became the fastest motorcycle in the world, reaching 171 km.

Harley Davidson in World War I

In 1917 Harley-Davidson was the official supplier of motorcycles in the US for the military that were in World War I, manufacturing more than 20,000 motorcycles.

Harley Owners Group

It’s the largest motorcycle club in the world with more than 2 million members. This group is for fans passionate about Harley’s Davidson, and reunions or conventions are held worldwide.

There are endless curiosities that show the history of motorcycles that are always growing and developing, due to the technological advance we are living now and the high demand of the people to renew things from time to time.