The Best 7 Sports Bikes to buy if you’re New to the Biker Lifestyle

The world of motorcycles is very interesting, possibly because of how risky bikes are. But that is what makes them so complex, so that any beginner will have the ability to handle it. But if you are a first-timer who wants to enter the world of motorcycles, here are some that you should buy:

Kawasaki Kmx 125

It’s a lightweight motorcycle and one of the most economical. The strength and power it possesses are some of its advantages. But it has as a disadvantage, and is the short duration that the same motorcycle can have in it. This motorcycle is no longer being manufactured, so it would be somewhat difficult to find the spare parts.

Motomel X3M 125

It’s an ideal bike to start in this sport. It has different advantages, such as its price. It’s one of the most economical bikes in the market; besides having excellent quality. It has a lot of power and very agile. It’s recommended for beginners because it is one of the lowest and its wheels are smaller.

Honda Xr125L

It’s a motorcycle of excellent quality, and agile. Very recommended not only for beginners, but it is recommended for small people due to the size of the wheels. It weighs 120kg, in addition to a comfortable leather seat.

Yamaha Ttr 125

It’s a lightweight motorcycle with a weight of 77kg, so it is recommended for people who are not so tall. It has a lot of power and agility, and the ability of the brakes on the wheels is very good.

Honda Crf 125F

This bike has a superior quality; it’s recommended for beginners, but also for people with greater control in this sport. It has great potential for jumps and suspensions. His agility and strength is very good.

It’s light, because it weighs 88kg. Usually is recommended for people who are not so tall because of their size and weight. The disadvantage is the price, since it is one of the most expensive.

Motomel Dakar 200

It’s a motorcycle used by newers because of its power. The disadvantage of this bike is that being in high mountains you must have a good control and previously driven bikes this type, because its front wheel starts to turn.

This is a very exciting and extreme sport. But if you want to start in it, you have to have some knowledge or management on the bikes. Since handling this type of motorcycles and the fields where it’s done, you must have a great control of it. Another tip is that they should look at the weight and size of the bike, to see if it is adaptable to the body of the buyer.