Advertise With Us

While we’re a non-profit organization, we’re aware of the fact that a blog with this visibility is often well paid when offering advertising plans for small businesses and companies. And although we’re accustomed to working with internet ads, we want to make a change.

We’re tired of working with ads from the internet, which often times are a complete waste for our readers. We want profitable, yet relevant advertisers in our blog, as we want our members to love the content inside and out.

For small businesses, this is really big. We have a really good reader base with more than half a million of viewers every month. We could make good money just by using the normal ad system for this platform, but we want something different.

Small businesses inside the Netherlands are now are priority. We will also prefer companies that are actually relevant for our niche. We’re all bike lovers and we want to see that kind of advertising. Things we actually care about.

If you or your company are interested in funding our project and have more visibility, including spec ial featuring during big events with the company directors, feel free to send us all your information through email and we will respond right away.