About Us


The Kawasaki Merk Club Nederlands blog started in 2004 after Ogün Passon became close friends with some members of the original brand club. Although when the club started back in 1986, the magazine came out in a physical format, we’ve been using the digital format for years now.

While at first, Ogün Passon was the only one writing pieces of content for the blog, although the printed magazine was still coming out, sometime down the line, a few writers were added for him to take charge as chief editor.

After some years as an active blog, the Kawasaki Merk Club Nederlands is still going strong. And while we may not grow as a group so easily, as we are in the Netherlands, we have readers from a lot of different countries close to us.

There are more than 12 000 active members in the Kawasaki Merk Club Nederlands, and we’re trying to expand the reach of our blog in order to have active readers from every corner of Europe. We’ve had articles which already became pretty popular, but haven’t reached our desired numbers.

If things go right, our plan is to keep growing as a business while having a better writing team. Our passion is the Kawasaki brand, and we will keep funding our project to create better content and offer better benefits to our members.