We’re the Kawasaki Brand Club in the Netherlands and we really love motorcycles

We’re a group devoted to the Kawasaki brand and we attend to different meetings and events


We’re a group dedicated to the Kawasaki brand and its promotion in the Netherlands with no profit whatsoever

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The Kawasaki Merk Club Nederlands is here to gather up and promote the brand we all love and praise. We not just love our bikes. We love everything about the Kawasaki brand and we’re its ambassadors here in the Netherlands. But, what would a brand club like this one do throughout the year?

We try to gather as much information as possible regarding the Kawasaki brand, including papers like workout manuals, tutorials, pricing, new products, brochures, and much more. The goal is to have a really useful archive for our members to enjoy.

We also have a small writing team to manage the blog section of our web site, and they use content for our archive in order to be able to make those articles and pieces of content. We want to promote the Kawasaki brand inside the Netherlands as much as possible.

In the blog section, we also discuss many activities we organize in our club, as member events and meet ups with our readers and with the Kawasaki brand promoting directors, who are always really responsive and welcoming towards us.

The club has lots of members and we’re accustomed to attend Kawasaki events all year round across Europe. Although we’re a brand club which solely exists in the Netherlands, we have readers from all across Europe, giving us a chance to use our platform as an advertising business.

If you live in the Netherlands and you’re passionate about Kawasaki or high-end motorcycles, feel free to come by and meet the group, we’re always welcoming new members who also want to take a ride or just want to have a barbecue party on a Sunday.

We always have a preference for member invites and recommendations, but we have been really open to most people without invite who come looking for a relaxed community and a great atmosphere to be a part of.


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