9 Interesting Facts about Motorcycles Most People Don’t Even Know About – Part 2

There are many myths, but at the same time many truths, about the history of motorcycles. Some theories say that Sylvester H. Roper was the first to create them; others agree that Louis-Guillaume Perreaux and Pierre Michaux were the true creators, and many theories which don’t make any sense are also around. Here are some curiosities you did not know about motorcycles.

Suzuki GSX-R 750

This model created in 1985 by the Suzuki brand was the first sports bike (used in Motocross), for its speed and great contribution in motocross competitions, thus achieving the 1st place.

Kawasaki Makes History

The Kawasaki brand made history in the world of motorcycles by creating the first motorcycle with electronic injection in 1980, this was the Kawasaki KZ1000 Classic model. It was a total invention for that time, considering the few technological advances that existed.

Yamaha’s History

This brand first started manufacturing pianos under the name of “Yamaha Corporation” in 1887, which was then divided between that company that is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of products and services, especially, musical instruments and electronic devices and “Yamaha Motor Company” which is responsible for the manufacture of motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, among other items.

First Hydrogen Motorcycle

Suzuki is working on the sale of hydrogen motorcycles that will soon be on the market, which will not emit gases in order to collaborate with the awareness of environmental pollution, and lower the environmental impact.

Kawasaki and Its Participation during World War II

Kawasaki designed a plane called Kawasaki Ki-61 that was used by the Japanese Imperial Army Air Force during World War II, as a fighter plane (designed primarily for air warfare with other aircraft, as opposed to bombers, which are designed mainly to attack terrestrial targets by throwing bombs).

Harley Davidson Electric

In a few years, the first motorcycle of the Harley Davidson brand will be operating electrically, so say goodbye to the characteristic sound of your engine.

Moto Scooter

The first Vespa motorcycle model was created in 1945 in imitation of folding scooters that were used in World War II to be launched in parachute to the Italian allies.

Although it may seem strange now, the Vespa was a motorcycle that at the time broke several speed records. In 1951 a Vespa Siluro became the fastest motorcycle in the world, reaching 171 km.

Harley Davidson in World War I

In 1917 Harley-Davidson was the official supplier of motorcycles in the US for the military that were in World War I, manufacturing more than 20,000 motorcycles.

Harley Owners Group

It’s the largest motorcycle club in the world with more than 2 million members. This group is for fans passionate about Harley’s Davidson, and reunions or conventions are held worldwide.

There are endless curiosities that show the history of motorcycles that are always growing and developing, due to the technological advance we are living now and the high demand of the people to renew things from time to time.

The Best 7 ATVs to Purchase in 2018

Currently there are many ATV models in the market, so we can be confused deciding which one to buy, in case of wanting to enter that extreme sport. We present you, the ultimate list to know the best brands to buy an ATV from in 2018.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4×4

This machine is a total beast. It’s priced at $ 9,000. It’s an agile, powerful model with good assisted steering. It’s highly recommended for professionals, due to its strength.

Polaris Sportsman

It’s a really strong model, comfortable, and has great quality. It has one of the best engines, with incredible power. The brakes and suspensions are something amazing, and the best thing is the price, which is one of the most accessible in the market. Totally worth it.

Yamaha Kodiak 450:

It’s one of the newest models from Yamaha and it is cheaper, valued at almost $ 6,000. It has a good engine, with a lot of power, very agile, and wide.

Goes 720 Max

It’s an ATV recommended for any sport man, for the quality. It’s one of the most economical you can find in the market. In addition, it has a quality engine, with great strength, and its steering angle is very good.

Yamaha Grizzly 700

Yamaha is one of the most preferred brands in the world of ATV, but honestly, this model exceeds any expectations. Definitely, of the best that Yamaha has taken out off the power of the engine. Besides, the quality of its brakes and its agility makes it attractive for any athlete. With a price of almost $10,000.

Can-Am Outlander X MR 570

It’s one of the most used models in the sport. Its basic but strong model is attractive to any connoisseur of the ATV; it has a price of almost $ 9,000. Good direction and front differential. Recommendable.

Artic Cat 1000 Thundercat

One of the best models you can get in the world of ATV. It’s a very raw machine, but it’s really strong. It features an incredible engine, a spectacular front differential lock, and excellent quality brakes. It really is one of the most used and best models that currently exist in this sport.

Any of these models would be an excellent choice; they are the best of the ATV. But, if you are not a professional or have a previous practice in this sport, the risk lies in being an extreme sport. Therefore, we ask for sufficient professionalism and responsibility of each person who wants to enter into it.

The Best 5 Dual-Purpose Bikes You Should Get to Know in 2018

This type of bikes should definitely be considered powerful, agile and with a great engine that helps to direct the person to the 1st place of any competition. So, it is normal to see how the market is growing, and developing models that could be implemented in this sport so rustic and extreme. Here some of the best dual-purpose bikes you should get to know.

Kawasaki KX 250 F

This is one of the best models in the world, if not the best. It features an engine full of power and raw strength – a perfect combination if you plan a longer road trip or want to hire a luxury car to travel to Milan. The digital ignition and its tailpipe located in a place, improves the performance at different revolutions. This is definitely one of the Kawasaki specials to be aware of.

Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica

This has a high price of €10,500. But it is definitely a machine of excellent quality, that you will always see some professional drivers using during races. This is a special edition; its unique feature is that it makes the price so high. But as typical of Honda, always offers the best engine, with great strength and speed, agility and a machine adapted to rusticity.

Husqvarna FC 250

It has a price of €8,999. It’s characterized by the fast movements, with an ability to make spectacular turns. Very comfortable leather seats with grips, and weighs 99kg. This model also has the best suspensions that this extreme sport has ever seen. Of course you should not miss out to show off in a Bentley in Los Angeles.

Suzuki RMZ 250

It has a price of approximately €8,000, characterized by the colorful design between yellow and black. It weighs 102kg, and have an easy handling of steering wheel, great quality of the brakes, and a great balance of the suspension.

It’s one of the most used for the quick and effective handling of acceleration before curves. This new model of Suzuki has an inebriation and correct start, in addition to having a high horsepower with good stretchability.

Yamaha YZF 250

It’s a lightweight machine with a weight over 100kg, this model has more horsepower than any other Yamaha model. It has the best suspensions that exist in all the models of this sport, brakes of excellent handling, and a price of €8,100.

Between the best brands we will always find Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Husqvarna, Suzuki, and others. When seeing these names, definitely it is about something with power and quality. Possibly the prices are not accessible to everyone, but if you want it, you can have it. Quality is all that matters.

4 Kawasaki News You Already Should Know By Now

If you’re a fan from the Kawasaki brand, this news shouldn’t hit you as hard as some of our readers. Not everyone is completely obsessed over a motorcycle brand as I am, but I still don’t know how people aren’t aware of these products. Just for fun, here are the latest news about Kawasaki.

Bikes Sales Figures for 2018

Kawasaki did pretty well this year, as it grew 3.3 percent in Australia during the first half of 2018. The brand holds the 9.9 percent of the market inside that country. This includes lots of different bike-like products.

The 2019 Kawasaki KX450 is here

We finally had a chance to see the new KX450 presented by Kawasaki, and it’s gorgeous! Although it was a really good bike, they made their best effort to make it even better, featuring a new electric start and a hydraulic clutch for those difficult turns in the mud.

What Graeme Crosby Has to Say about the Kawasaki Z900RS

After riding the Z900RS, Graeme Crosby explained that he was finishing one of those for a Japanese costumer he had a contract with. While it maintains an historic look, he says that is a really modern and strong motorcycle.

He also said that the engine sound is amazing on this model, and that although he loves the custom models, the sound in the factory version of this bike is something to remember. The gears are extremely smooth, to finish up a really good package to put your hands on.

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE is here

We already saw the new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE and is one of the most impressive bikes we’ve have to luck to look at. It features a bunch of redesigned elements which turns it into a supercharged powerhouse of a bike.

The style is completely awesome to look at, as everyone who looks at you on it will think you’re like the most rockstar-like person around. Although it looks powerful, it frame is really light, enabling it to speed up really fast in no time.

While we know these aren’t the only news regarding Kawasaki, there are the most important. Feel free to keep browsing our blog.

10 Interesting Facts about Motorcycles Most People Don’t Even Know About

Motorcycles are without a doubt, a diversion for many people or a fear for others. They are used by a lot of people worldwide, people with passion when driving a motorcycle, and love to see it. But sometimes we do not know historical facts about the birth of motorcycles. Here are some curiosities about this world that you probably did not know:

First Motorcycle

It was created in 1867 when Sylvester Howard Roper made a steam engine that worked with carbon. And in 1885 the first motorcycle with a combustion engine, designed in Germany, was created by Wilhelm Maybach y Gottlieb Daimler.

The Start of a Sport

The first motocross race was in 1930 where it was committed with bicycles, due to the rustic roads used to it. Then they were replaced by motorcycles when they were created. This is a sport that has always been classified as extreme by its great speed.

Little Trick

To know how well is the tension of the wheels of the motorcycles; you can give one soft hit with a screwdriver or something that is made of iron to know how good or bad it is. If the sound is serious, it is tense. A trick commonly used in this sport.

Yamaha Revolutionized in 1974

During 1974, it’s said that Yamaha created a great revolution by creating the first motorcycle with a single shock absorber. From there, the monoshock suspension was born, which, although all the improvements made thanks to new technologies and discoveries, is still being used.

Attendance Record

The largest parade carried out by the motorcyclists along with their machines was done in 2002 with the participation of more than 2 000 people commanded by Harley Davidson.

Another Record

I know it sounds crazy, but there really is a longest motorcycle in the world, which was built by Bharat Sinh in India where he created the longest bike in the world with more than 26 meters (26.29m). Why do you need it to be that long?

Patenting the Sound of a Motorcycle?

The Harley Davidson brand tried to patent the sound made by motorcycles, which was obviously rejected because any motorcycle produces the same sound.

Motorcycles in the Air?

During World War II, different states of Europe and America had to manufacture flexible motorcycles that could be bent and launched in parachutes during the attacks that took place in the atrocious historical moment they lived.

First Motocross Federation

The international motorcycling federation was created in 1952 in the United Kingdom, federation that took charge of the sport and began to do competitions at international level and came to have high recognition.

The Most Expensive Motorcycle

Is currently valued at $3 000000 and it’s a special Harley Davidson which was designed by artist Jack Armstrong.

For lots of people, sitting on their motorcycle can release any stress they may have. Possibly it’s a pleasure for them to be able to use it. We know many people who own motorcycles, but sometimes we don’t even know the history behind that design. We hope these facts served as general knowledge to keep I mind for any trivia night you might have soon.

The Best 7 Sports Bikes to buy if you’re New to the Biker Lifestyle

The world of motorcycles is very interesting, possibly because of how risky bikes are. But that is what makes them so complex, so that any beginner will have the ability to handle it. But if you are a first-timer who wants to enter the world of motorcycles, here are some that you should buy:

Kawasaki Kmx 125

It’s a lightweight motorcycle and one of the most economical. The strength and power it possesses are some of its advantages. But it has as a disadvantage, and is the short duration that the same motorcycle can have in it. This motorcycle is no longer being manufactured, so it would be somewhat difficult to find the spare parts.

Motomel X3M 125

It’s an ideal bike to start in this sport. It has different advantages, such as its price. It’s one of the most economical bikes in the market; besides having excellent quality. It has a lot of power and very agile. It’s recommended for beginners because it is one of the lowest and its wheels are smaller.

Honda Xr125L

It’s a motorcycle of excellent quality, and agile. Very recommended not only for beginners, but it is recommended for small people due to the size of the wheels. It weighs 120kg, in addition to a comfortable leather seat.

Yamaha Ttr 125

It’s a lightweight motorcycle with a weight of 77kg, so it is recommended for people who are not so tall. It has a lot of power and agility, and the ability of the brakes on the wheels is very good.

Honda Crf 125F

This bike has a superior quality; it’s recommended for beginners, but also for people with greater control in this sport. It has great potential for jumps and suspensions. His agility and strength is very good.

It’s light, because it weighs 88kg. Usually is recommended for people who are not so tall because of their size and weight. The disadvantage is the price, since it is one of the most expensive.

Motomel Dakar 200

It’s a motorcycle used by newers because of its power. The disadvantage of this bike is that being in high mountains you must have a good control and previously driven bikes this type, because its front wheel starts to turn.

This is a very exciting and extreme sport. But if you want to start in it, you have to have some knowledge or management on the bikes. Since handling this type of motorcycles and the fields where it’s done, you must have a great control of it. Another tip is that they should look at the weight and size of the bike, to see if it is adaptable to the body of the buyer.